Social Events Policies

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i. Student Responsibilities

  1. Students must clean up after themselves. All garbage and waste must be placed in appropriate receptacles.
  2. Students must remove leftover beverages and food themselves. All items left in the space will be thrown out.

ii. Food

The Operations department does not cater events, but will assist in providing supplies and setting up spaces with the necessary equipment.

  1. Food that may stain the floors is not permitted.
  2. No food, opened or unopened, will be stored in Gallery 31, White Halls, or White Walls.
  3. All food left in these spaces will be disposed of properly.

iii. Beverage Policies


In all undergraduate areas of instruction, alcoholic beverages are specifically prohibited in classroom areas when classes are in session or when undergraduate students are present or using the classroom area for reviews, independent work, or social gatherings. Alcohol is not served nor supported in any way at undergraduate reviews, interim gatherings, or end of term activities. In cases where alcohol is present for a larger audience or Corcoran gathering, the Corcoran requires that a licensed bartender be present and that all student identifications are checked and that students are served only if of legal age.


In all graduate areas of instruction, alcoholic beverages are specifically prohibited in classroom areas when classes are in session. Alcohol may be served at reviews, interim gatherings, or end of term activities at the request of the instructor, with explicit and written permission of the department chair. Please see below for specific policies, if serving alcohol.

  1. No red beverages are permitted in the Gallery.
  2. No cans or bottles may be handed out under any circumstance. All beverages must be served in plastic or paper cups.
  3. Wine and beer bottles cannot be thrown in trashcans. Empty bottles and cans should be recycled.
  4. No open containers must remain in the event space.
  5. Alcoholic beverages must be offset by non-alcoholic beverages (including water) by equal amounts or more.
  6. At least one bartender with a current legal D.C. Bartenders License must be hired if alcohol will be present.
  7. Wine servings (3–4 oz. each): each bottle of wine should provide at least six servings; magnums should provide at least 12 servings.
  8. Beer servings (6 oz. each): each 12-oz. bottle should provide two servings.
  9. Alcohol is not permitted in the lower portion of the building (basement or sculpture lab/sub-basement).
  10. The Special Events department must handle all events where alcohol is served. Please contact the Special Events department at (202) 639-1781 for more information.

iv. Invitations

All invitations originating from students or groups of students that invite the public to exhibitions or events must contain the following information:

Corcoran College of Art + Design
White Walls Gallery

500 Seventeenth Street NW
Washington, DC 20006

– OR –

Corcoran College of Art + Design
Gallery 31

500 Seventeenth Street NW
Washington, DC 20006

v. Fundraising and Donations

Fundraising for the College

When students are engaged in raising funds for projects ranging from soliciting donations or producing items that are sold to the community, these fundraising activities must include coordination with the Office of the Provost, Development, and Finance. Any fundraising activities carried out on the Corcoran's behalf, whether for the College at large or for a particular discipline, must be cleared in advance and approved by the Office of the Provost. The Provost will consider the appropriateness of the project, its potential benefits to the College, and its development ramifications before granting approval. If approved, the project will then be coordinated with Development and Finance Offices and possibly other potential partners, such as the Office of Student Affairs and/or the Corcoran Gift Shop.

Funds and Creating Funds

If a student and/or a student group has a project for which they need to establish an account for that project, please work with the Office of Student Affairs to prepare a proposal to be sent to the Provost for review and approval. If the project is approved by the Office of the Provost then the Director of Finance will establish an account for the purposes of this fund.

Donation Acknowledgement

Any gifts received or funds raised and any correspondence from the donor must be delivered to the Office of the Provost within 24 hours of collection. Upon receipt, the Provost’s Office will ensure a letter of acknowledgement for tax purposes will be issued and the Provost will write a personal letter of thanks to the donor.