Course Evaluations and Retention of Student Work

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i. Course and Faculty Evaluations

At the conclusion of each semester, all students are asked to complete class and faculty evaluation forms. The evaluation is a method of obtaining constructive feedback from students, and it is important that students be honest and thoughtful with their evaluations of course content and teaching methodology. This information is reviewed by the chair or program director of each department, the associate provost, and the dean of students approximately three weeks after the end of each semester. Copies of these evaluations are mailed to each faculty member so that they can make adjustments accordingly for the new semester. Evaluations are anonymous.

ii. Ownership and Retention of Student Work

The Corcoran reserves the right to photograph, exhibit, or publish a student’s artwork, and has the right to retain student work. All original work is available for return. Pickup must be made in a timely manner by the student. The Corcoran requests that students label all pieces with names, addresses, e-mail addresses, and phone numbers. Although the College will take caution in the care and handling of student work, students must release the College from any liability for the loss, theft or damage of any work in its possession or control. Work produced for a job or activity independent from the educational processes of Corcoran study may be an exception to this policy.