Information Technology

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The following rules must be followed when working in computer-based classrooms and lab environments. No other rules, expressed or implied, shall supersede the rules put forth here for appropriate computer and network utilization.

i. Equipment Removal

  1. Only IT staff is authorized to move computer equipment from any location. Computer equipment includes monitors, keyboards, mice, video decks, scanners, printers, network cables, and any other equipment attached to or involved in the use of computers within the lab/classroom/lounge environment.

ii. Hardware Reconfiguration

  1. Students may not change any hardware configuration, except:
    1. Attaching externals device to store and transport files, including external hard drive or cameras.
    2. Attaching headphones.
  2. Only IT staff members may:
    1. Reconfigure scanners, monitors, printers, or other peripheral devices.
    2. Modify any networking components, including Ethernet cables and wireless hubs.
  3. Personal scanners or printers cannot be attached to Corcoran-owned equipment.

iii. Environment

Smoking, eating, and drinking are not permitted within the lab environment.

iv. Lab Schedule

  1. Students must adhere to the opening and closing times for labs specified on the Corcoran website, and should be prepared to vacate the lab at the posted closing time.
  2. Lab hours are based on the schedule of classes created by the College. The IT department is not responsible for any inaccuracies caused by errors in the class schedule.
  3. Schedules are subject to change based on class schedule changes made by the College and any special needs that may arise.
  4. The IT department reserves the right to close labs during available hours to handle hardware, software, and network emergencies.

v. Software

  1. Only IT staff can install software on Corcoran-owned computers or peripheral devices.
  2. Additions to software within the Corcoran computer environment are prohibited.

vi. Personal Equipment/Support

IT is not expected to provide support for any privately owned computer equipment on the Corcoran network.

vii. Illegal Activity

  1. Illegal activity on any Corcoran computer equipment or the Corcoran network environment is not permitted including, but is not limited to, downloading and/or distributing copyright protected files (such as mp3 files), duplicating copyright-protected material for commercial gain, and duplicating license-protected software.
  2. Students should not download files unless they are aware of the copyright protection.
  3. No harmful or malicious activities are permitted on Corcoran computer equipment or the Corcoran network environment including creating and distributing spam, viruses, and other pieces of code.
  4. Violation of this policy will result in all available information being turned over to the appropriate authorities.