Jonathan Healey

Director, First-Year Experience Program; Assistant Professor of Exhibition Design & Interior Design

Personal Information

Jonathan Healey is the founder of fourC3, a collaborative practice engaged in architectural, print, and web design. Jonathan earned a Masters of Architecture degree from the University of Maryland shortly after his undergraduate studies in Sociology at Connecticut College. As a graduate student, he also studied at Brian MacKay-Lyons's international Ghost Lab 9 in Nova Scotia, Canada. Jonathan's professional work emphasizes the cross-discipline nature of design as explored through the intersection of people, place, and representational media. Jonathan's teaching interests focus on hybrid methods of digital and physical craft, and the analytical potential of media translation.

Degree Title: 
Master of Architecture
College or University: 
Connecticut College
College or University: 
University of Maryland
oafing Barn (Ghost Lab w/ Brian MacKay-Lyons)
mixed-media (Pattern Process)