Decorative Arts

The Corcoran’s decorative arts collection, though not as extensive as the Gallery’s other holdings, includes excellent examples in a variety of media. The collection includes Greek antiquities; Italian Renaissance maiolica; Islamic carpets; 18th century French tapestries, furniture, architectural ornamentation; and modern and contemporary ceramics. The centerpiece of the collection is the Salon Doré, the Corcoran’s 18th-century gilded French period room. It was originally part of the Hôtel de Clermont, an early 18th-century private residence in Paris.


Ron Nagle


Jean-François-Thérèse Chalgrin

Probably woven 1771–1789

after Claude III Audran


Pierre-Philippe Thomire


Francesco Xanto d'Avelli

c. 1520–1540

Unknown Unknown

6th century B.C.

Unknown Unknown

19th century

After Bernard Palissy

early 17th century

School of Paris

19th century

Georges Pull

early 17th century

School of Palissy (Avon)