Student Groups & Organizations


ADCMW - Art Directors Club of Metropolitan Washington

AIGA - American Institute of Graphic Artists 

Art Ed - Corcoran's Art Education Community

ASID – American Society of Interior Designers

CAP — Corcoran Association of Photojournalists

CSC – Corcoran Student Council

Marginalia – Book artists, makers, and lovers

NAEA – National Art Education Association

SEGD – Society for Environmental Graphic Design

USGBC at the Corcoran – U.S. Green Building Council @ the Corcoran

Links are provided within this directory to individual student groups and organization web pages as appropriate. Any student group or organization wishing to develop a web site should begin by reading the Policy and Procedures for Developing and Posting World Wide Web Sites for Recognized Student Groups and Organizations. 

If you have any questions, please call the Office of Student Affairs at (202) 639-1801. 

The Corcoran College of Art + Design recognizes the value and potential of personal publishing on the Internet. Thus, the Corcoran allows students, faculty, and staff to experiment with producing personal web pages. However, the College can accept no responsibility for the content of these pages. These are the home pages of registered Corcoran student groups and organizations. While these pages do not in any way constitute official Corcoran content, we hope you find the information useful or at least entertaining. The views and opinions expressed in these pages are strictly those of the page author and comments on those contents should be directed to the page Webmaster.

Any organization not listed in the Directory has not registered with the Office of Student Affairs.