Over 60 scholarships, awards, and prizes were presented to members of the undergraduate student body on Tuesday, April 26.

April 26, 2011

April 26, 2011


Academic Excellence in Art Education Award - Ji-Sun Yoon
Art Education Faculty Award – Kailyn Jackson
Art Education Faculty Award – Julia Benton
Daniel DiTondo Prize – Aselin Lands
Ann Elson Memorial Prize for Academic Excellence – Christopher Cunningham
Undergraduate Creative Writing Award – Jordan Swartz
Undergraduate Creative Writing Award – Diana Sutherland
Undergraduate Critical Writing Award – Casey Goldman
Foundation Year Writing Award – Mariana Renata Salazar-Costa
Sons of the Revolution in the District of Columbia Prize – Pamela Hadley
Anne and Ronald Abramson Award for Excellence in Ceramics – Victoria Shaheen
Ceramics Faulty Award for Artistic Excellence – Veronika Jenke
Linda and Douglas Rosenbaum Scholarship – Ulrike Apfalter
Linda and Douglas Rosenbaum Scholarship – Jean Eckert
Tiby Sharlin Award – Kappy Prosch
Dr. William A. Newman Award – Ellen Carlson
Dr. William A. Newman Award – Daesik Kim
Dr. William A. Newman Award – Thomas Pullin
Veronica Maz Award – Sila Dizdar
A.H.O. Rolle Prize – Robert Yi
Ethel Lorraine Bernstein Memorial Fund – Amy Hughes Braden
Fine Art Faculty Award – Bryana Robinson
Fine Art Faculty Award – Aselin Lands
Fine Art Faculty Award – Victoria Shaheen
Thomas Bowden Memorial Award – Forest Allread
Linda and Douglas Rosenbaum Scholarship – Elliot Bryant
Margaret D. Rust Memorial Award – Lorenzo DeAlmedia
Mary Lyla Memorial Scholarship – Carissa Sudjono
Foundation Faculty Scholarship – Halsey Berryman
Foundation Faculty Award for Color Theory – Anne O’Neil
Foundation Faculty Award for Communication Design – Navy Sisomphou
Foundation Faculty Award for Drawing – Olivia Davison
Foundation Faculty Award for Drawing – Quenton Briggs
Foundation Faculty Award for Light Studies – Thorin Arsenault
Foundation Faculty Award for Resources – Jihee Kang
Foundation Faculty Award for Visual Concepts – James Bonilla
Photography Thesis Exhibition Award – Daniel Rios
Photography Faculty Award – Jason Tucker
Photography Faculty Award – Aaron Canipe
Photography Faculty Award – Sara Winston
Photography Faculty Award – Pavlos Karalis
Photography Faculty Award – Sophia Guerci
Stephen Lee Szabo Memorial Award – Christopher Cunningham
Myra Miller Groobert Memorial Scholarship – Mark Harley
Photojournalism Faculty Award – Whitney Learning
Photojournalism Faculty Award – Tucker Walsh
Photojournalism Faculty Award – Christopher Jones
Golden Squeegee Award from Handprint Workshop International – Katelyn Drenga
Off the Press Award, sponsored by Utrecht – Paulette Palacios
Printmaking Faculty Award – Kayla McCormick
Berthold Schmutzhart Award – Deshaundon Jeanes
Martha von Hirsch Memorial Scholarship – Dianka Groves
Sculpture Faculty Award – Kyrae Cowan
Lolo Sarnoff Prize – Armando Lopez-Bircann
Lolo Sarnoff Prize – Jihee “Kaitlin” Kang
Martha von Hirsch Memorial Scholarship – Jessica Freidt
Raymond Kruger Memorial Scholarship – Kelsey Shepard-Siple
Alumni Award for Excellence – Abigail Fairfax
Hubert Leckie Memorial Award – Noha Khashoggi
Senior Faculty Award in Design – Abdullah Khashoggi
Undergraduate Design Faculty Award – Catherine White
Nancy and Pat Taylor Award for Excellence in Design – Michael Theodoran
Samuel Boyer Holvey Memorial Award for Design – Nancy Palm
Samuel Boyer Holvey Memorial Award for Design – Noha Khashoggi

In Appreciation

The Corcoran College of Art + Design extends its appreciation to the donors whose generosity has made the scholarships listed below possible. Their long-standing commitment enriches the lives of future generations, and for that we are deeply grateful.

Arthur J. Ellis Scholarship
Brad Koerner Memorial
Endowed Scholarship Fund
Christina Wise-Mohr Scholarship Fund
Clara Mills Chester Scholarship
Clarice and Robert H. Smith Scholarship
Constance Stuart Larrabee
Photography Scholarship
Corcoran Women’s Committee Scholarship
C.V. Starr Scholarship
Edna Wattis Dumke Memorial Scholarship
Erna Marie Neves Scholarship
Eugen Weisz Memorial Scholarship
Gene B. Davis Memorial Scholarship
Groobert Memorial Endowed
Scholarship Fund
John Renna Art Scholarships, made possible by the support of the National Endowment for the Arts
Joshua S. Feld Scholarship
Julia and Thomas Saltz Scholarship
Koenig Trust Scholarship
Leonard A. Haft Memorial Scholarship
Richard Lahey and Carlotta Gonzales
Lahey Memorial Scholarship