Faculty Accomplishments: Muriel Hasbun

September 17, 2012

Our very own Muriel Hasbun, chair of photography and associate faculty, is exhibiting at the Maier Museum of Art, which features her work Protegida/Watched Over, as it was shown in the Venice Biennale (2003) and the Corcoran Gallery of Art (2004), as well as a selection of X post facto.

Randolph College’s Maier Museum of Art presents the 101st Annual Exhibition of Contemporary Art: Bridges Not Walls, featuring six artists: Edgar Endress, Assaf Evron, Muriel Hasbun, Sook Jin Jo, Jiha Moon, and Kukuli Velarde. Muriel was also a featured panelist at the 21st Annual Helen Clark Berlind Symposium on September 15 and 16.  The exhibition runs until December 7, 2012

Also see NYU’s current issue of e-misférica, On the Subject of Archives, edited by Marianne Hirsch and Diana Taylor, with an essay by Sareh Afshar. Muriel’s work is also featured in Marianne Hirsch’s new book, The Generation of Postmemory: Writing and Visual Culture After the Holocaust.