Corcoran Alumnus Colby Caldwell to Exhibit at Civilian Art Projects and Hemphill Fine Arts

March 13, 2012

For the exhibition spent, Colby Caldwell (BFA Photo, 1990) continues to document human interaction with the land. This new work is based on shotgun shell casings of varying ages and states of decay found scattered throughout the rural Jesuit farm in St. Mary's County, Maryland where he currently lives. Scanning these shells and presenting them on stark backgrounds, the artist has elevated what might be considered refuse to specimens or advertisements of time. The subsequent presentation, with the images magnified, framed, and hand waxed by the artist, warms a space for a new narrative. Each scan captures in hyper rich detail the pinks, reds, and grays of age, and perhaps a few fragments of dirt, and the intricacies of each individual explosion or discharge. The imagery is weighted in tales of hunting yet a human story teller is absent. This absence, and with it all didactic meaning, creates new territory to consider these depleted, yet rich objects as well as the passage of time as halted or hindered through photography.  Civilian Art Projects will show spent March 23-May 5, 2012.


This exhibition is presented in conjunction with another Caldwell exhibition gun shy, at Hemphill Fine Arts.  This exhibition will run March 24-May 26, 2012