Chair of Photography Muriel Hasbun to Present at the SPE MidAtlantic Regional Conference

October 25, 2012

Chair of Photograpy Muriel Hasbun will be presenting at the Society for Photographic Education's Mid-Atlantic Regional Conference on Nov. 10th, 2012. The 2012 SPE Mid-Atlantic Conference will examine how photographers are visualizing the aftermath of trauma. Recent projects by artists have challenged the typical representations of war trauma with work that is more nuanced and challenges the way we view the after-effects of war. It visits both the everyday realities and the interior nightmares of war veterans as well as the repercussions for the families at home. The photographers depict the new front on the home front and what happens when the war comes home. The conference will embrace a wide reckoning, from the mass casualties of warfare to the tiny atrocities of individual lives.

Muriel Hasbun will give an overview of her photo-based work, specifically in relation to how she has investigated issues of identity, memory and inter-subjectivity in the face of trauma. By creating a dialogue between the past and the present, and through the gathering and close scrutiny of a dispersed family archive, Hasbun has stitched together fragments into elusive narratives and reconstructed a world lost to exile, assimilation and genocide. WithX post facto, Hasbun explores the legacy of the Salvadoran Civil War. According to Sareh Afshar, Hasbun "calls attention to the dangers of oversimplifying the nature and functions of what we do, don't, and can't know of our traumas; finally arriving at the irreducible role of the body, flesh and bones."

SPE Mid-Atlantic Regional Conference
Jersey City, New Jersey
November 9-11, 2012 @ New Jersey City University

Muriel Hasbun
Saturday, November 10th, 1:30pm - 2:30pm