Aselin Lands

July 10, 2012

Aselin Lands

Photo: Kate Warren

Undergraduate: BFA 2011 and MAT candidate 2012 (5-year program)

Hometown: Baton Rouge, LA

Aselin came to the Corcoran after teachers from her high school suggested she attend the National Portfolio Day at the Corcoran Gallery of Art. When she began her studies at the Corcoran she focused on Fine Arts, and after volunteering at the Corcoran’s Family Day she decided to also pursue a master’s in Teaching. “My Fine Arts courses provided me with a space to develop my conceptual skills and explore various mediums to develop myself as an artist,” she says. In her sophomore year she took advantage of the critiquing process, which encouraged her to push boundaries, take risks, and challenge herself as an artist. In 2012, Aselin was in NEXT at the Corcoran: Class of 2012.

After committing to the MAT program, she has kept busy in the community, working as an intern and volunteering with different organizations in D.C., including the Children’s Art Studio, the Community Area of Public Charter Schools, Children’s National Hospital, the Cherry Blossom Festival, and Camp Creativity and Arts 101 at the Corcoran Gallery. Working at the hospital has been one of the most rewarding experiences because it has provided her with a new perspective on what art can do and the power it holds.

D.C. has been a great source of inspiration for her. “From the White House and Library of Congress to grant libraries and various cultural centers,” she says, “It is difficult not to get involved.” As part of her program, she gained experience through visiting and observing classrooms in places such as the Capital City Public Charter School, the Art Lab at the Hirshhorn Museum, and the Lab School of Washington, which is for language-disabled kids and teaches everything through the arts. In addition to her hands-on experience in D.C., she had the opportunity to study abroad. In Italy, she visited museums and conservationists while focusing on paper making and bookbinding, and in Mexico she visited artist studios and completed an in-depth study on visual mapping.

While school is not in session, you can find her at one of her favorite events in D.C., the Smithsonian Folklife Festival, where artisans from all over the country come together on the Mall to share their crafts.