Student Peer Mentoring Program

Preparing you for success at the Corcoran

The Corcoran College of Art + Design understands that an undergraduate student’s first semester can be intimidating. Through the Student Peer Mentoring Program, students are given a jump-start during the fall semester to studio and scholastic endeavors through academic preparation, career exploration, studio guidance, and conflict resolution guidance. This exposure will enable students to cope with the pressures of student life, gain self-management skills, and gain an appreciation for studio and academic excellence.

For more information, please contact Lonnie Woods III, Program Coordinator at .

Meet The 2012/2013 Peer Mentors


Senior, Photojournalism BFA/MAT

My name is Julia Benton and I'm a senior at the Corcoran originally from the San Francisco Bay Area. I am studying photojournalism in the BFA/MAT program and have just started working on my senior thesis on DC school reform which is pretty exciting!

“I have really enjoyed getting to know new students and sharing my experiences at the Corcoran with others.”


Junior, Fine Art BFA

I was born in Brazil and now live in Washington DC. I am an early riser and love getting my reading done as I have my morning coffee.

“I enjoy the social aspect of the program, but even more so, the ability to interact and be a useful guide for the mentees


Senior, Photojournalism BFA

My name is Karima El-Khatib, and I’m currently a senior working towards my BFA in photojournalism. My work is centered on my Palestinian heritage and the politics of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, which is originally why I decided to study photojournalism. I hope to one day travel/live all over the Middle East.

“I love meeting new people in general, but I also enjoy knowing that I’ve helped someone in some way. The first year of college can be extremely intimidating for everyone. It becomes a lot easier having someone there as guide, and to help you through situations that they already have experience with.”



Junior, Photojournalism BFA

Hello. My name is Ben Granderson. I am a junior photojournalism major. I am from outside of Baltimore, MD. I was home schooled all of my high school years and taught myself photography.

“I have been involved with the peer mentor group since Freshman year. I was a mentee at one point. I was able to make great friends with my mentor and we still talk. He comes to me with questions and I the same. I look up to him because he is still young, but very accomplished as a photojournalist. As a mentor I have been able to stay active in my school and I get to befriend many incoming students. It feels rewarding to help provide someone with the same thing I got as a Freshman. I have one mentee, but I feel like everyone in the group is partially my mentee and I love talking to them. I benefit from this program in that I get to learn from other people by helping them.”


Sophomore, Fine Art Photography BFA/MAT

I grew up in Southern Maryland, about an hour and a half from DC. My art life began about five years ago when I fell in love with photography when a friend introduced me to it.

“It gives me a good chance to help a freshman out and guide them in the right direction. Since I want to be a teacher after I am done with the 5 year program, it is a great opportunity to be a leader and a positive role model.”


Junior, Digital Media Design BFA

I’m Ryan Mahoney and a current junior in the Digital Media Design program here at the Corcoran. I am originally from Weymouth, Massachusetts (GO WILDCATS!).

“The big thing for me at the Corcoran is the small, intimate setting. In such a big city it is refreshing to have a small community within our school. I believe this program is a great way to get to know some of the incoming students and share my experiences to help make an easier transition into the college life.”


Sophomore, Fine Art Photography BFA

My name is Aria Maisey and I am a sophomore fine art photo major. I am from Norfolk, Virginia, which as many people know it as the biggest naval base on the east coast.

“I was a mentee my freshman year, so this program benefits me a tremendous amount. I became a mentor because I want to be there for someone like my mentor was there for me. I know how it can feel moving to a completely new state and not knowing anyone. A familiar face and hello can do so much to one person.”


Senior, Graphic Design BFA

I'm originally from Dallas, Texas and moved to Washington, DC about three years ago to pursue a degree in Graphic Design at the Corcoran.

“The Peer Mentor Program has given me an opportunity to help share my experience as a Corcoran student and interests with others. Being able to help when needed is such a rewarding thing about the Peer Mentor role.”


Junior, Photojournalism BFA

My name is Kendelyn Ouellette, I’m a photojournalism major and I claim Connecticut as my home (my family bounced around a bunch of times when I was a kid, but Connecticut is where my parents live now.)

“The peer-mentoring program has helped me to get to know the incoming class of students, which ultimately fosters the sense of family and familiarity that the Corcoran is so famous for.”


Junior, Fine Art Photography BFA

Hello! My name is Taylor and I am currently a junior here within the Corcoran studying Fine Art Photography. I grew up not far from DC in the suburban area of Fairfax, Virginia. I have now lived in DC for three years and absolutely love it.

“The program creates these lasting one on one friendship’s and responsibilities that I love to cherish. Having someone who looks to me for guidance pushes me to be a role model within the Corcoran community.”


Senior, Fine Art Photography BFA/MAT

Hi! My name is Ellamarie Quimby and I am currently a senior/4th year Fine Art Photography student in the BFA/MAT 5-year program. I grew up in Northern Virginia and now live in the District.

“The mentor program benefits me in that I get the chance to get to know students who I would not normally have class with or see around school very much! As small as our school it, it can be hard to get to know people who you don't see every day. I get a lot out of helping people feel comfortable in a new city- change is hard! College is hard! Change and college at the same time is super hard!”



Junior, Digital Media Design BFA

My name is Navy. I’m a third-year Digital Media Design major from Dallas, Texas. I’ve been in DC for the last four years, but I’ve also briefly lived in Jersey City, New Jersey which is not far from New York City.

“The Peer Mentorship program allows me to give back to my Corcoran community. I care deeply about this school and the people in it, and I want to be a part of its success.”


Junior, Graphic Design BFA

I was born in the U.S. but I spent most of my life in Indonesia. I was not really interested in art or design until I reached freshman in High school. I used to work with mixed media but now I am focused on graphic design and I love it!

“During my freshmen year, I joined the peer mentor program. It helped me a great deal. I just moved from Indonesia and the transition was very tough for me; I felt homesick, I had housing problems, and I was not really confident with my English, which makes it more difficult. However, I am a pretty proactive and self-motivated but my mentor helped and supported me in every small little thing that kept me on my feet and be a friend that I can go to if I had any problems.”